A step-by-step guide to our booking process, confirmation emails, and guest arrival experience

The average traveller books in less than 60 seconds

1. The traveller selects the pickup point, date, time and receives a quote

All airports, ports, train and bus stations in the destination appear as suggestions in the list.

2. The fixed price is calculated

There is no surge pricing and no hidden costs. The quoted price is final, including tax, gratuity and transaction fees.

3. The traveller submits their flight or ferry number

We monitor flight and ferry arrivals, so our driver will always be there when the traveller arrives, even if they’re early.

4. The traveller pays for the transfer

Our checkout process is super fast, even on mobile. We support all major cards, Apple Pay, PayPal and Google Pay.

A streamlined meet and greet experience

Your travellers deserve the best Welcome experience

Join our partner programme and start offering Welcome Pickups to your customers or audience.


6322A453-7C13-4357-86A4-90059E31352E Created with sketchtool.
6322A453-7C13-4357-86A4-90059E31352E Created with sketchtool.