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What is Welcome?

Welcome connects you with travellers looking for a ride and a warm introduction to the city. We pride ourselves on offering our travellers the best transfer experience.

Why become a Welcome driver?

You’ll schedule longer rides

Receive requests for longer, high-value transfers from airports and transportation hubs.

You’ll have a flexible schedule

Choose the days and times you’d like to work and have the freedom to select transfers that fit your schedule.

You’ll get paid weekly

We pay our drivers every week without any complicated terms, so you can rest assured your money will arrive on time every time.

You’ll have access to training and support

All our Welcomers have access to our exclusive Driver App, training material and a dedicated support team. 

How it works

Receive transfer requests through our Driver App

We’ll send you transfer requests through our Driver App with all of the details you need for the ride.

Accept and complete the transfer

Select the transfers that fit your working schedule and complete the journey.

Get Paid

We’ll pay you weekly through your preferred method for all of the transfers you completed the previous week.


100% Catalan and in love with showing Barcelona’s hidden gems to travelers. He knows the most authentic tapas place in town, far away from tourist traps.

English, Spanish, Portuguese


Born-and-bred Athenian, with recommendations for off-the-beaten-path places you will enjoy visiting! Loves cooking … and history.

English, Greek


Proud Roman who worked as a tour guide in the past. A story-teller and history buff person you will love to meet and have conversations with.

English, Italian

Each driver is carefully handpicked and vetted by our team

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    One-on-one Interview
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    Identity and vehicle check
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    Safety protocol training
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    Ready for the first ride

60 destinations worldwide

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Frequently asked questions

Do I have to be a professional driver?

Yes, we only accept licensed drivers who have a taxi license or another professional driving license.

How does Welcome select the drivers?

Welcomers are selected following a one-on-one interview, an identity and vehicle check, and completion of our ‘good host’ training program. To become a Welcomer, you need to have a professional driving license, speak excellent English, and enjoy meeting new people. Welcomer drivers are excited about welcoming travellers to their city and go above and beyond to provide a professional and unforgettable service.

How can I get started?

Complete the sign up form and a member of our team will get in touch, if we’re recruiting drivers at your destination. The sign up process is simple and includes access to our ‘good host’ training program

How does Welcome make money?

There are no fixed fees at Welcome for our drivers. We keep a percentage of what travellers pay and the rest goes to you. Part of the percentage we keep will often go to our demand partners (airlines, OTAs, hotels etc).

How is Welcome different from other transfer companies?

Our goal as a company is to turn a commoditised service (a transfer from point A to B) into a personalised and informative travel experience. To help us achieve this goal, we’re looking for professionals who pride themselves on what they do and want to join our mission. We pay our drivers weekly and give them the freedom to work around their schedule.

Is this a full-time job?

No this is not a full-time job. We are a platform that connects travellers with local drivers who want to offer the best possible welcome experience. You can still serve your personal customers, join driver networks or work through us only on specific occasions. We are here to help you gain more customers, not hire you to work solely for Welcome.

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