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Grow your business and make money by offering private transfers to travellers


What is Welcome?

We connect your company with travellers who need a ride from the airport or port to their final destination. Our travellers are looking for a warm introduction to the city, so at Welcome, it’s about creating the best travel experience, rather than just getting people from A to B.

Why become a Partner?

You’ll schedule more quality rides

Receive transfer requests in advance and grow your business with more quality rides.

You’ll have access to our Partner Network

Use our network of over 1,500 hotels and 800 vacation rental companies to expand your offering. 

You’ll get paid weekly

We pay our drivers every week, so you won’t have to wait around for your money.  

Join our Mission

Our goal is to change the way people travel by making the beginning and end of every trip as enjoyable as the middle. 

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Receive ride requests through our Dispatcher system

We’ll send you bookings in advance through our Dispatcher tool with all of the details you need for the transfer.

Assign a driver and complete the transfer

You’ll assign an english-speaking driver from your company to each request and complete the transfer.

Get Paid

We’ll pay you weekly for every completed transfer through your preferred payment method.

Our Dispatcher tool has all the information you need

Sign up and start completing rides

Receive pre-scheduled ride requests and earn more money for your business
  • We’ve been working with Welcome Pickups for 4 years and it has changed our world

    FantaSea Travel – Santorini

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How can I get started?

Complete the sign up form and a member of our team will get in touch if we’re recruiting drivers at your destination. The sign up process is fast and includes agreeing on pricing that works for you, checking if your company profile is a match for our standards, and onboarding you onto our Dispatcher system.

How does Welcome make money?

There are no fixed fees at Welcome for our driver partners. We keep a percentage of what travellers pay and the rest goes to you. Part of the percentage we keep will often go to our demand partners (airlines, OTAs, hotels, vacation rentals etc).

How is Welcome different from other transfer companies?

Our goal as a company is to turn a commoditised service (a transfer from point A to B) into a personalised and informative travel experience. To help us achieve this goal, we’re looking for professionals who pride themselves on what they do and want to join our mission. We pay our driver partners weekly and create substantial demand for high-priced, quality rides.

What is the Dispatcher tool?

We’ve built a robust tool, so you can manage your rides and assign them to your drivers. We’ll take you through the tool and the process during the onboarding process.

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6322A453-7C13-4357-86A4-90059E31352E Created with sketchtool.